Contagious Unconscious

More often than not, the anger of another will give rise to the anger within yourself. Unconsciousness spreads like a disease, airborne, toxic; where it exists it latches on to whoever it can. This is why we must guard ourselves with the light of presence. We cannot control others, their choices, their thoughts or their egos. What we can control is our relationship to these occurances by remaining conscious. 

If an explorer were to visit a volcanic region knowing he would be close to lava and bursts of heat at unimaginable degrees, we can all agree it would be insane for them to embark on this trip wearing sandals, shorts and a singlet. Responsibly, they would wear heat resistent clothing, safety glasses and thick boots appropriate for such terrain. In life, we my enter situations where we know we will encounter unconsciousness, or we may stumble upon it unexpectedly. This unpredictability means we should always practice presence, or else risk entering a volcanic region in our swim wear. 

Perhaps you have a family member or a friend who you find shifts your energy towards the negative. They may pull you into gossip, or dissaproval of others which is their ego building for them a false sense of superiority. Without realising it, your ego and pain body engages with theirs. It may take days after engaging with this person, that you realise your energy has shifted to mirror theirs.

This doesnt have to occur with a person close to you. It could be a complete stranger who looks at you the wrong way or makes a rude comment towards you. Instantly, you react or feel your mood change because of their unconscious attack. 

This is why we must remain present, to put an end to the contagion of pain. From our waking moments we must wear our armour, to deflect the epidemic from entering ourselves. 

We must forgive, instantly. Let forgiveness wash over you whenever you are wronged. We must accept, for whatever has happened cannot be taken back. We must surrender, completely, and acknowledge what we can’t control, but know we can control our consciousness. And lastly, we must invite the other to step into a conscious space. They may not follow, they may not even reccognise the invitation. But just as they impose on your sacred space, we must offer to them a place more peaceful than they currently know. 

They may or may not take your offer, but regardless, you have done all you can to reduce the toxic spiritual energy moving towards you, within them, and into the world. 

We are all the same. We can all be easily fooled by the ego, yet we all have the potential to surrender to the present. And for that, we should be eternally grateful. Namaste.


Accept the healing of others… And you will heal yourself

One of the cruelest, most toxic mindstates you can hold towards another, is to judge and resent their healing process. Healing is a personal journey, yet the pain of the human experience is shared.

Who are we to carry animosity against others for the way they process and work through their pain? There is no right or wrong way to heal, and if you find yourself judging another for their process, it is not they who are “healing wrong”, it is you who have fallen under egoic states, like jealousy, like resentment, like resistence, like superiority.

If you are close to a person, the chances are you are experiencing a similar pain, possibly sourced from the same event. If you find the way they are healing bothers you, then you are not conscious and the unconscious cannot heal. You also close yourself off from the opportunity to heal communaly, when you cannot accept the others process.

Whatever you cannot control, you must accept. If you cannot accept, then you have made a choice to continue suffering. If you cannot accept the way another heals, they will accelerate their healing towards peace, while you stagnate, remaining in suffering. In turn, this will bring you more anger, more separation from others, continuing the cycle of suffering.

Some will weep while others stand in stoic silence. Judge not. Some will seek solace in the natural elements, others in a book. Judge not. Some in faith, traditional or mystical. Judge not. Some will recluse from the world before they are ready to reemerge. Judge not. Others will feel the need to express their thoughts, their emotions and that which they have learned. Judge not.

In a world where we have all experienced loss, heartache and trauma of some sort, why would we want to create more suffering for ourselves and those we love? So obsessed we become with right and wrong on the pursuit of happiness, that the obsession hinders that very journey. Ironically, we hurt ourselves and others in the process, when all anyone ever wants is peace and happiness.

Another persons method of healing has nothing to do with you. It is only you who compares your healing to the healing of others and transmutes the concept into competition. If you find yourself disturbed or angered by how another heals, this reflects in you the resistence you have to healing within yourself. If you cannot look upon anothers process with kindness and acceptance, you are refusing your mind and spirit of it’s innate capacity to heal itself. You create more pain, more unconscious suffering.

If you truly want to heal and end your suffering, you must open your mind and heart to the undeniable truth that you are not separate from anything or anyone.

Conscious healing will irk one who is trying to unconsciously heal, for the conscious healing process is far more effective. Rather than resenting, we can change our perspective to accept and learn from the approach of another, in turn finding peace within ourselves.

Through opening your heart you allow opportunity for growth and healing. Through resentment you deny yourself a chance for freedom from pain, in fact, you begin to create more pain.

The choice is yours to treat your wounds or to allow them to fester with infection.

You deserve to heal, at your own pace, through your own process, without judgement. And just as much as you deserve this, so too does every next person on this planet. At their own pace. Through their own process. Without judgement.

When we resent and disregard the healing of others, we attract more  pain.

When we accept and love others for their process, we create no more pain. We welcome the healing of ourselves and all others.

The Beginning

Often many thoughts fill my head. It’s hard not to think when you feel as though you’ve lived a thousand life times.
This world is enigmatic as is every individual who thrives within it. The best way I find to make sense of universal mysteries and complex situations, is simply to write it out. Each piece of writing I produce represents a personal cornerstone, of the lessons I’ve learned, the people I encounter and the comfort I’ve found in connectedness with the universe. I’ve started this blog to offer my words in the hope that they can help you too.

I’ve suffered immeasurable hardships in my 24 years of existence, and have empathetically felt the pain of many others, listened carefully to their stories, taking on board their trials and heartache. None of these experiences have been in vain. Every moment of sorrow, isolation, violence and unconsciousness has pushed me towards a rebirth – towards enlightenment. I humbly share with you my words in the hope that if you feel alone or broken, you will find comfort in a shared experience. I also hope that if you find yourself lost, my experiences and observations of humanity, might provide guidance for the next step in your journey.

Some pieces will be humorous, some based on opinion, others on fact. Some will discuss current events, others will observe the intricacies of human nature. Some may be poetic, others factual, others simply glimpses of gratitude I experience in every day life. There is no limit to the content of what I will post. My interests span as wide as the encyclopaedia’s I learn from. From history, to music, to metaphysics, to food, to culture, to politics to art to spirituality. I will not limit myself as I am influenced by all that is. 

A lot of my more philosophical and spiritual posts are heavily inspired by Eckhardtt Tolle who’s best selling book, “The Power of Now”, had such a positive impact on my life, that I am practicing hard to live by his wisdom. I recommend to all this life changing book. 

I feel as though this will suffice as an introduction. You will discover more about me as I publish more posts. For now I pray you have a safe and happy night,  
Yours Truly,